Brand Expansion – Club Channel

Banana Boat®

Fortune Favors the Bold

These are the times when we just love to prove what we know design can do –impact the bottom line. When the Banana Boat marketing and sales team contacted us to help them prepare to pitch to expand their business into a new channel, we jumped at the opportunity to help them succeed.

Our challenge

Under tight timing and budget constraints we were tasked with developing club channel packaging creative, displays and print advertising that brought to life the new Banana Boat brand essence and mission: Protect the Fun!

A portfolio of products trusted by moms to take care of their family and protect the fun – wherever and whenever it takes them.

banana boat logo

Our solution

To succeed in a crowded club store floor where competition is fierce – you’ve got to be bold, stand out and shout it out. The use of color, contrast and design to break through the clutter is one of the most relied upon methods of overcoming these hurdles. Bold design elements communicate faster than text and can be seen at-a-glance, from feet away.

banana boat packaging design
banana boat print ad design

A well-defined, and distinctive, color palette is the hallmark of most great brands.

banana boat point of purchase

Key Insights

For years, the Club Channel was a bit of a step-child behind Mass Merchandisers and Grocery. Those times have changed – with Warehouse Club & Supercenters in the US growing to $554.1B in revenue in 2021. Gaining distribution into this channel is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a must have.

To win in these channels, CPG companies will need to align their sales and marketing strategies against each channel and meet its unique requirement(s). This includes developing exclusive and attractive product offerings that delight consumers…and keep them coming back for more.

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