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Freshlook Packaging

So, you have just finished a new brand visual identity system and a couple of representative packaging SKU’s. Now it’s time to adapt that across your packaging portfolio. At first glance it might appear somewhat easy to just adapt that design template to the rest of the line – you have a template, a design aesthetic, and guidelines – so what could go wrong? A lot.

Done well, and in the right experienced hands, it’s an efficient process led by creative and print production experts that ensure every creative element is an extension of the original design system. The outcome: consistent and cohesive branding no matter what the medium…packaging, social, ecommerce. Done poorly – huge waste of time, money, and resources to rework designs and final mechanical files. At domo domo, we always design with the end in mind.

Design System Adaptation Experts

We all know consistency is what build brands. Adapting a visual identity and design system is a specialized discipline requiring a holistic and thoughtful approach led by industry experts in creative, design, print production and file preparation. The goal: adhere to style guides, ensure every design nuance is optimized…and the brand and products looks like they should. A family.

Babies R Us
Babies R Us Packaging

Babies “R” Us brand design system and application across 18 categories of product.

Package Design Adaptation

In our decades of experience, many brands we work with have product portfolios that include a range of packaging structures, sizes, and substrate and are produced across different mediums, print technologies and manufacturing partners.

We understand the precision required to successfully adapt a brand and packaging design system across multiple SKU’s and various categories of product. Technical specifications and guidelines are met, and the brand vision is consistently represented across a portfolio of packages.

Take Wet Ones. Updated brand design system developed to refresh the brand and packaging. The challenge – how to consistently articulate the design across a range of structures, shapes, substrates, and print production modalities. Working in tandem with internal production teams, the result was print production consistency across the portfolio.

wet ones packaging system

Consistency is the key to success for any brand and packaging refresh. That’s where brand guidelines are critical – not only for establishing a clear roadmap and guardrails of how to execute a new design system across all creative, including packaging – but also ensuring that every touch point relates back to the design system. We can help develop and ensure clear, actionable brand guidelines to align your agency eco systems, in-house teams, external media suppliers, print suppliers and the trade.

Package and Product Renders

With any new brand design system or packaging refresh, convincing images are required for sell-in to management, internal/external teams, and the trade. We can help reduce the cost, effort, and time required for a traditional photoshoot – while achieving even more flexibility with 3D renderings for packaging and products.

Our expertise in this area delivers a seamless transition from flat production art to 3D package art. Through painstaking consideration of the look and function of your package materials and design, we’re able to achieve physical and digital shelf symmetry, creating an exact replication of what the consumer will see and touch at the shelf.

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Our adaptive design work


Packaging Design System

Work included a brand mark evolution and package refresh to establish Freshlook lenses as an essential, empowering part of a daily beauty regimen.

Playtex® Gloves

Brand Refresh

For the #1 trusted brand of gloves refreshing the product packaging, energized their portfolio and revitalized sales.

Wet Ones®

Brand Refresh

For the #1 trusted brand of hand wipes, refreshing the product packaging was as uplifting as the product itself.

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