Brand refresh

Wet Ones®

Creating a refreshing bond

Packaging is the perfect place to form an instant bond with consumers. For the #1 trusted brand of hand wipes, refreshing the product packaging was as uplifting as the product itself.

Our challenge

Clearly address the emotional needs consumers have right now – safety, hygiene, self-care – to reposition packaging for a well-established brand and product line.

Our solution

Appeal to all of her senses.

Inspired by the customer’s trust in the brand and affinity for the product’s fragrance, our redesign exploration for Wet Ones elevated the scent profile and refreshing experience – deliberately appealing to all of her senses (color, texture, smell) and creating a unique and enchanting design system.

It also established a fresh and modern design architecture for quickly expanding a product line – that’s in high demand.

Wet Ones packaging - before


Wet Ones packaging - after


2019 GDUSA Graphic Design Award Portfolio Refresh

Wet Ones packaging design
Wet Ones Plus

Key insights

Design is an experience. More than what you see – it’s what you feel.

Domo uses research and trendspotting in color, design and years of creating those unique experiences, to ensure that product design, packaging and in-store merchandising reflect your brand character and resonate with today’s consumer…fast.

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