Design + Purpose

Design is a powerful tool for good.

As an environmental activist, domo domo’s founder Deb Adams and team domo, inject entrepreneurial thinking, branding, design resources and advocacy into the cause space to define and amplify voices that change the world.


  • Brand and launch global movements
  • Empower passionate people, projects and organizations
  • Mentor and support female activists around the world
  • Create and support eco-friendly, sustainable business models
  • Participate in global environmental forums and treaties

Domo founder Deb Adams supporting sustainable ecotourism Whale Shark program. Isla Mujeres, Mexico


To be in service to people and the planet is at the core of domo’s DNA. This passion is reflected in our work for clients and causes.  We use branding and design as tools to create emotional connections that move people into action…whether it’s to purchase a product or save the planet.

Over the years we have donated our time, talent and resources to make the world a better place: empowering women and girls in Rwanda Africa (, breaking the cycle of poverty by transforming the lives of children through education (, building shared prosperity in vulnerable global communities (, saving the planet for future generations ( and ending commercial whaling (

Empowering Women

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead, American cultural anthropologist


of women and girls in Rwanda miss out on work or school because they cannot afford to buy menstrual pads. Until now.

SHE logo

Saving the Planet

“Look at the world around you. It may seem like an immovable place. It is not. With the slightest push – in just the right place – it can be tipped.”

Malcolm Gladwell, Canadian journalist

“Change the hearts and minds of just 10% of the global citizenry…and we can change the world.”

Deb Adams, domo domo founder

Scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have found that when just 10% of the population holds an unshakable belief, their belief will always be adopted by the majority of the society.

“When you’re talking about losing all of nature, it’s not a spectator sport anymore. Everybody has to become active somehow.”

Louie Psihoyos, Executive Director, OPS; Academy award-winning American documentary film maker and renowned National Geographic photographer.

Oceanic Preservation Society

As Vice Chair on the OPS (Oceanic Preservation Society) board of directors, Deb is an active member of a diverse team of artists, activists and change agents that help create and facilitate the launch of environmental movements. OPS inspires, empowers and connects a global community using high-impact films and visual storytelling to expose the most critical issues facing our planet.

OPS is best known for the Academy Award-winning documentary The Cove and Racing Extinction.

Louie Psihoyos,
Executive Director, OPS

image courtesy of the Oceanic Preservation Society


Number of individuals that have contacted Japanese authorities to end the dolphin drive hunts in Taiji, Japan after watching the OPS film The Cove.

The Cove
Academy Award® Winner for
“Best Documentary of 2009”

image courtesy of the Oceanic Preservation Society


The award-winning OPS film Racing Extinction drove massive awareness through the Projecting Change campaign – which captivated more than five billion people worldwide with spectacular displays of endangered species on iconic global landmarks like the Empire State Building and The Vatican.

Dolphins displayed on the Vatican, Rome 2017

image courtesy of the Oceanic Preservation Society

In her pursuit to advance measurable progress in the protection of the oceans and planet, Deb founded legaSeas International in 2003.

LegaSeas worked alongside Hardy Jones, renowned film maker, activist and founder of  for over 16 years, until his passing in 2018. In Japan, this work included multiple site visits to the infamous Cove in Taiji and creation of the anti-whaling/food safety campaign “Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies.” Our participation in the first ever eco-tourism operation in the dolphin-killing town of Futo, Japan – and support of the PBS Nature documentary “When Dolphins Cry” – launched the movement to stop the drive killing of dolphins.

Hardy Jones

The Dolphin Defender – Hardy Jones, filming location above the killing cove, Taiji Japan.

Defending Wildlife

“As human beings, we all share a momentous responsibility to protect our common home, Earth, and all of its biodiversity. We call upon the governments and people of countries actively hunting to recognize and consider the viability of eco-tourism as a sustainable, non-lethal, and non-extractive use of whales. Studies overwhelmingly show whales are worth more alive, than dead.”

domo founder, Deb Adams and legaSeas Senior Partner, Jennifer Nolan, addressing the 85 member countries of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) Florianopolis, Brazil September, 2018

Ending Commercial

Many people think the whales were saved during the environmental movement in the 70’s. That is not the case. In fact Japan, Norway and Iceland are the last three nations in the world that continue to commercially hunt and kill endangered whales. Until Now.

Hardy Jones