Brand Expression

Airstream Club International

We Rally Together!

Discovering your dream Airstream life means belonging to a community that shares a passion for action, adventure, and wanderlust. Seeing, and feeling, is believing.

Our challenge

ACI is a club of like-minded adventurers with a vigorous lust for life. Members enjoy tremendous support and camaraderie through its incredible array of rallies, clubs, events, and especially by experiencing its diverse community. Updating their website landing page was an exciting opportunity to showcase the energy and dynamic essence that is truly Airstream Club International.

Our solution

A killer motion video. Over the last few years, video has become the most effective online marketing tool and an integral part of web design that creates emotional connections. Moreover, it is a web design component that you simply must include in a website update to create an eye-catching and visual dynamic.

As part of our cohesive brand strategy, the graphic animation for the video leveraged a speech bubble treatment from a recent ACI sizzle video. The vibrant speech bubble shapes contained colorful and exploding images that exude the energy, audience, and excitement of the club. Combined with a soundtrack that matches that energy – delivering a website that inspires.

The Results

A super energized audience and a website that rocks!


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