Brand launch

The Brandery & The Natural Nipple

Incubating a new product for moms

The Natural Nipple is a product developed by nurses that solves the difficult and challenging problem of transitioning a baby from breast to bottle. For many working mothers this is a critical step in their process to go back to work after giving birth. In Nicu’s it helped young infants take in more nutrients without “firehosing” them with too much milk at once. The result – more positive outcomes and happier babies.

A nationally-ranked accelerator, The Brandery leverages the expertise of the Cincinnati region, namely branding, marketing, and design. Domo domo accepted their invitation to put our female consumer expertise to work for the founders of The Natural Nipple.

Our challenge

Transitioning from breast to bottle is stressful for everyone – including the babies. In order to give moms the confidence they needed, the science-behind-the-product story was important to convey in all aspects of the brand – redefining the identity, creating a messaging platform, digital assets and designing a sustainable packaging solution.

Our solution

Collaborating with the team who invented this award-winning and innovative new product, we strategically conveyed the cutting-edge science coupled with natural instincts aspects of the product, successfully converting new moms and helping families raise strong, healthy, beautiful babies.

the natural nipple logo

Optimize MB visual identity

Optimize existing core branding elements to increase visual impact and reinforce desired attributes:

Nurturing & Bonding • Trusted & Natural • Compassionate & Caring

Sustainable package design

To reinforce The Natural Nipple product story and natural origins – our goal was to source and use sustainable and recyclable materials for the packaging.

The package structure was re-imagined to significantly reduce waste in print production by having each box come from a complete press sheet and requiring only two glue flaps to minimize post-production finishing.

Structural engineering by domo’s packaging development partner, Cog.

Natural Nipple Sustainable Package Design
When looking for agency partners to work with our Batch 10 cohort, domo domo’s capabilities were a perfect fit our startups’ needs.  Their long track record of delivering compelling and culturally-relevant brand experiences, coupled with their women-owned operations and expertise with female consumers enabled them to quickly develop branding and packaging for an innovative new product targeted to women.
Jeff Boeh, Managing Director, The Brandery​

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