Brand refresh


Scents and sensibility

No longer your grandmother’s “go to” laundry soap, iconic laundry brand Fab wanted to appeal to a new target audience – smart and savvy millennial shoppers seeking style, fragrance and value.

Our challenge

Evolve and introduce an older brand to a new generation with an updated positioning, Master Brand visual identity, portfolio name strategy, scent naming and packaging graphics.

Our solution

Attract Good Karma

In a cluttered category like laundry, it’s difficult to break through at shelf and attract consumers…particularly back to a brand that your parents used to use.

To appeal to millennials’ desire for authentic, gender neutral brands with natural fragrances, we created an uplifting and relevant brand experience conveyed with multisensory cues: design, color, shape and scent.

Make every day a Fab day…starting with fresh, clean smelling clothes that calm your mind, lift your spirits, so you can always be joyful.

Master Brand platform and mark evolution

Modernize and simplify the Master Brand mark to connote an authentic, straightforward and clean experience.










Key insights

Scent plays an important role in driving purchase decisions.


of millennial women prefer
buying natural products


of millennial women prefer
natural ingredient perfumes

Fragrance is being increasingly linked with health and well-being benefits.

There’s a powerful connection between cognitive function and the olfactory system. Put simply, certain scents can elicit certain reactions with the body, both physically and psychologically. The impact of scent on our emotional state has been recorded anecdotally across cultures around the world.

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