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Schick® Xtreme3

Blowing up the launch:
Giving Schick® Xtreme3 a cooler digital presence

Leveraging our strategic capabilities, domo domo created a confident and creative brand character for the digital launch of two recently improved Schick Shave products. From its evocative narrative to the audacious brand personality, we pushed boundaries to make a genuine impact.


Our challenge

Edgewell Personal Care approached team domo with a multi-faceted project: Design a strategic creative approach for the digital launch of their two newly re-designed products— the Schick Xtreme3 Disposable Razor and the Schick Xtreme3 Pivot Razor System. EPC asked us first to bring the X3 brand personality to life online and then, to create a library of strategic visual elements to carry on and reinforce their brand-building initiative.

visual brand concept denim
visual brand concept
visual brand concept leather
visual brand concept outdoors

Our solution

We created a visual brand story for use in all social and digital campaigns to build brand awareness and encourage user engagement. To appeal specifically to the Xtreme3 target demographic, we leveraged the bold, fearless, and resourceful aspects of the brand character.

We also dialed up the brand’s adventurous attitude with unique photography, lifestyle imagery, animations, product-in-use photos, and video, all placed in a library for social and advertising agency partner-access for various applications.


Livin’ the X3 life – insta series


X3 Pivot

Though aligned closely with the X3 Disposable brand personality, the X3 Pivot also needed to communicate both the razor’s pivoting action and the ‘system’ aspect of the separate handle and blade.

Our concept leveraged the literal Pivot Point—or the ‘X’ element of the product design –and our solutions included a video demonstration of the pivoting action and animation of the technology.

advertising concept design
schick advertising concept
advertising design concept
advertising design layout

The results:

The bold, new digital brand narratives were a hit among target consumers—and achieved our brand objective of communicating ‘disruptive’ innovation in the shave category.

Developing a digital asset library proved to be a highly cost-effective and efficient way to ensure campaign consistency among agency partners working in multiple mediums.

I was very impressed with domo’s creativity and outside of the box thinking on these projects. We were able to get both quantity and quality images using photoshop to help stretch our budget. I hope this becomes a model for how we approach photography and lifestyle images in the future. I would definitely work with domo again on this type of project.
Nora Kalter | Sr. Global Business Manager – Xtreme Men’s | Edgewell Personal Care

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