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Necessity is the mother of invention

When the 9-month-old daughter of Lollaland founders, Hanna and Mark Lim, started drinking from a straw they were excited – as their pediatrician recommended weaning their daughter to a straw cup from a sippy cup.

All the straw cups they tried, though, leaked. That’s when the idea for the Lollacup was born — a straw cup with a spill-proof valve that is easy to use and clean, safe, all wrapped up in an ownable, Scandinavian-inspired design aesthetic.

They took their idea to Shark Tank and ended up partnering with Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec. Lollacup grew into Lollaland, a company known for creating innovative and modern infant + toddler goods that are functional and fun.

Our challenge

Working with Lollaland CEO, Jermaine Powell, team domo was tasked with creating a new line of characters that would complement and expand the portfolio. The new characters had to be in sync with the brand equity and established design aesthetic, while timelessly appealing to kids, and moms, alike.

lollaland logo

Our solution

A comprehensive and deep dive into toddler design trends, shopper insights and a competitive snapshot of characters in the marketplace, informed a design strategy. The characters had to have a unique personality, be ownable and connect to the Lollaland brand portfolio – while also differentiating from other competitors on the market.

Dial up the cuteness factor! Our research showed seeing something we find to be cute, ignites the orbitofrontal cortex, the part of our brain that’s linked to emotion, pleasure caregiving, bonding, and other complex behaviors. These instinctive reactions affect both men and women, regardless if they have their own children.

Our solution? Pandas! Who doesn’t love Pandas?! They’re cute, timeless, playful and voted one of the most beloved animals by moms and kids.

banana boat print ad design

Long after your child tires of the latest cartoon or fad, Lollaland’s adorable animal designs stand the test of time.

Lollaland Panda Bear, 9 ounce, Spill Proof, Leak Proof, Hard Spout Sip –

Key Insights

Research shows that humans find baby animals cute for the same reasons we find human babies so cute! Baby animals (and human babies) have characteristics that make them tremendously appealing: small faces, big eyes, short snouts, soft fur, small ears, playful behavior and clumsiness. In fact, baby animals remind us of human infants, triggering our nurturing instincts – which, as designers – can be leveraged to create an emotional connection to products.

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