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Wet Ones

Clean and calm.

Building on the uplifting and sensorial approach to packaging for their signature line, Wet Ones leveraged women’s love of Lavender essential oils to not only clean hands, but also to enhance their mood….and expand the brand appeal.

Our challenge

Wet Ones continues to dominate the wipe category as the #1 trusted brand in hand wipes. But there is far more opportunity to grow the brand – if you’re tuned into what female consumers crave…peace and calm in this busy world full of germs.

Our solution

Female consumers not only want clean hands – also a fragrant experience that connects her to nature and the mood benefits from naturally sourced essential oils like Lavender. According to Forbes, Lavender is at the top of the list for best smelling and most popular essential oil, known for its beautiful floral aroma and calming sensations.

For the introduction of Wet Ones Lavender Mist, the product packaging needed to connote beauty and a scent driven experience that women immediately associate with many body sprays and perfumes. Simple, clear and modern aesthetics surrounded by a field of photo-real lavender sprays, captured the mood perfectly.

Based on the immediate positive reaction from the trade to the Lavender Mist, it seemed a natural extension to also add this much-loved scent to the travel pouch and canister products.

Wet Ones Hand Sanitizer Packaging
Wet Ones Hand Sanitizer Packaging

The results

A sweet-smelling success across the board. The 3-pack sets of Lavender hand sanitizer mist launched in July 2022 on Amazon and sold out twice within the first two weeks!

The design work Domo Domo created for the new Wet One Lavender 8 Hour Moisturizing Hand Wipes and Hand Sanitizer Mist will help the brand begin to change brand perception and inspire consumers to incorporate Wet Ones as part of their lives every day. Our goal is to elevate the brand on shelf to show current users Wet Ones is a brand that evolves with their needs and attract new users with a fresh, relevant look. We are excited to start this journey with the launch of Lavender!
Nicole Harris, Edgewell Personal Care

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