Omni-channel assets

Schick® Hydro Silk Perfect Finish™

Launching a beauty tool that makes at home grooming, the new normal.

For modern-day women who strive to look and feel their best, while enjoying the luxury of at-home grooming – visually communicating the versatility of this breakthrough precision trimmer was a perfect fit!

Our challenge

Seamlessly support the digital launch of a new grooming tool. Team domo stepped up to develop a menu of omni-channel assets that demonstrate the ease and simplicity of the Hydro Silk Perfect Finish multi-purpose trimmer– and convey an upbeat brand personality that appeals to their “every woman” female target.

Product in-use photography

5-in-1 multi-tool product photography

Our solution

The plethora of women’s personal grooming tools can be overwhelming. Salon grooming is expensive and inaccessible to many.

Being keenly aware of what subconsciously motivates women to interact and purchase products, domo domo helped build awareness for this adjustable 5-in-1 beauty tool that removes hair quickly from head to toe and empowers women in the process! We established a visual style and brand personality that was conveyed in how-to-use videos, iconography, beauty and in-use photography that was uniquely tailored to “her,” making aspirational beauty, simple, easy and fun.

Key insights

Women are the most brand loyal of all consumers.

While female consumers vary greatly, they unanimously value customized experiences. A staggering


of women say that if they like a brand, they will remain loyal. Brands that successfully communicate personalization features of their product attract and keep their most loyal customers. Combining strong brand traits and product attributes with an innate understanding that only comes with expertise in marketing specifically women, ensures an experience she’ll value…and keep coming back for more.

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