We all know that, even with the very best intentions, our individual actions and piecemeal activities will only slowly get us closer to a circular economy for plastics. Innovation processes are often messy, unpredictable, and full of detours —so having sufficient and sustained support is crucial for success. To achieve those meaningful, targeted outcomes for a circular economy for plastics, it’s important to participate in the larger conversation with existing convenors – like the U.S. Plastics Pact*.

The U.S. Plastics Pact brings together businesses, brands, government entities, non-governmental organizations, research institutions and other stakeholders who work collectively, sharing ideas, toward a common vision and ultimate goal for removal of all plastic from packaging by 2030, or sooner. By unifying stakeholders across the entire plastics value chain to rethink the way we design, use and reuse plastics, we are reducing plastic waste in our environment – thus creating a circular economy for plastics.

To ensure accountability, U.S. Pact Activators follow a Roadmap that shows steps that can be taken to deliver against targets, with key outcomes in specific interim timeframes. Take action, learn more about The U.S. Plastics Pack Roadmap to 2025 and visit www.usplasticspact.org!

Domo – as an advocate of the US plastics pact –is playing its own very specific role, by providing information and guidance to our clients, and pushing forward package design that makes it easy for consumers to learn about and do what is needed to change the world. We need everyone – brands, companies, manufacturers, design agencies and consumers – to play a key role in creating the circular economy.

And if you’ve missed any previous posts from our sustainability series, visit: https://domomarketing.com/perspective/.  Cincinnati design agency, domo design, is helping CPG companies change the world – one package at a time. Stay tuned for Part 4 of our series: An ECO Packaging Design Guide, August 15th.

* The U.S. Plastics Pact is part of The Ellen MacArthur Foundation‘s Plastic Pact Network and includes national plastic pacts in the UK, France, Chile, the Netherlands, South Africa, Portugal, the US, Poland and Canada.