Tapping into the power of female consumers

Women drive the economy.

A whopping 80+% of all consumer goods purchased are made or influenced by women. Through a combination of their buying power and influence, women are the decision-makers, even when they may not be paying the bill directly.

In 2018*, women’s income topped $18 Trillion, making them the world’s most powerful consumers.  (Statistica, 2020)

All female consumers are not the same.

Women are a diverse group who buy not only for themselves, but on behalf of their entire households, extended family, neighbors, and friends. As marketers, we naturally look at core insights to ground our approach (like demographics, purchase behavior, attitudes, motivations, and needs), but a psychographic profile is key to creating an emotional brand experience that delights and connects.

Five psychological profiles of women consumers:


1. Driven, Active, Optimistic: 
Values achievement and making a good impression on others. She leads a busy life and carefully manages her to-do lists.


2. Nurturing, Conservative, Focused:
Her family is her inner circle, a careful spender and is attracted to products that are good for them or for their home (including eco-friendly and value).


3. Planner, Satisfied, Resolute: 
Very routine focused and drawn to products that simplify her life, purchase decisions and overall stress levels.


4. Loner, Stressed, Uncertain:
Dealing with stress of trying to keep up with life, multiple needs of her profession or family, and needs affirmation from others. She will spend on quality products that are not wasteful.


5. Open, Social, Outgoing:
High-energy enjoyment-seeker and experience junkie. Open to trying and buying but needs to be swayed with a visual and brand story that breaks through the clutter.

Women are more brand loyal.

A staggering 85% of women say that if they like a brand, they will remain loyal.

Humans are emotional beings
(that rationalize their decisions).

Over 95% of all purchase decisions made are driven by the subconscious.* So, what really motivates women to interact and purchase products? Purchase drivers include tapping into what is important to her – values, habits and personality. Do your brand’s traits match up with the aspects of her psychological profile? What does using your product say about her? What are your brand’s ownable attributes to be conveyed with design?

 *Source: Inc.com, Logan Chierotti, MARCH 26, 2018.


Appeal to all of her senses.

Create a multisensory and highly-emotional response, speak her language and use design to invite her into the brand experience. Deliberately appeal to all of her senses (shape, color, texture, smell) utilizing a variety of mediums (video, packaging, animation, signage, etc) – to create enchanting design.


Be real.

Women (especially Millennials) look for transparency, authenticity, value, and quality. As early adopters they like to hear, see and share it first – but are only willing to take advice from those they admire and trust. What is your brand story? And how is it authentically relevant to your female consumer? What is your ingredient origin story?

*Mintel Women 2020 Study Jan 2020


Keep it fresh.

Products, brands and content geared to variety, change and the “next best thing” will pique her interest. A brand refresh can re-energize a brand, particularly for older or utilitarian brands by injecting a sense of fashion, style and fun in products that are typically seen as purely functional.


Simplicity rules.

In today’s busy world with constant inputs from multiple devices – today’s woman won’t take time to understand your message. It has to be clear and quick using visuals to tell the story… or she’ll move on.

Design is an experience.

Domo uses research and trendspotting in color, design and technology to ensure that product design, digital content, packaging and in-store merchandising reflect your brand’s archetype and resonate with today’s consumer…fast.

Gender makes a difference.

Armed with the innate understanding that only comes with experience as women, we are experts when it comes to female shoppers. Contact us to share our insights and decades of experience marketing to the world’s most powerful consumers.

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