Specific opportunities exist for us to let female consumers know we really ‘feel’ her with branding and designs that address her needs –right now.

  1. Remember…women are still (and possibly more than ever) the most dominant force in our economy. Design with her specifically in mind.
  2. Clearly address the emotional needs consumers have right now – security, safety, hygiene, self-care. Ensure you’re hitting the right emotional tone with your branding and packaging.
  3. Recognize her immediate need for healthy living – without losing sight of your long-term and core, brand values – e.g., consider substrates that are easily wiped clean and alternate packaging made with bio corn, or olive oil, versus reverting back to plastic.

Gender makes a difference.

Armed with the innate understanding that only comes with experience as women, we are experts when it comes to female shoppers. Contact us to share our insights and decades of experience marketing to the world’s most powerful consumers.