By 2050 there will be more toxic plastic pollution in the oceans than fish…much of it coming from consumer goods and packaging. Think about that?? Studies show U.S. consumers are now more concerned about ocean plastic than climate change with over 2/3rds preferring to purchase eco-conscious brands.

As a creative agency founded by a long-time ocean conservationist, we never thought the day would come when consumer demand is driving real change to save the oceans… and us.

CPG companies are embracing the new plastics circular economy and actively working to remove 100% of plastic from packaging by 2030, or sooner. It’s good for business, grows consumer loyalty, is great for the environment…and can’t happen fast enough!

For packaging – this is a daunting challenge, requiring collaboration across a diverse team of internal and external stakeholders – driving towards a common goal with urgency: creating beautiful, plastic-free packaging without compromising on brand presentation, manufacturing, performance and print production quality.

We can help CPG companies change the world – one package at a time.
See how.