Making intelligent decisions in the midst of all of this change is challenging. Team domo is collaborating with Suzy.com, a real-time digital research company – to periodically check in with female consumers to get a read on what she is thinking about and looking for…right now.

The survey included 1,000 female consumers aged 18 – 65 geographically spread across the US.

Key Learnings:

  • Women remain the primary purchase decision makers in the household (before and during Covid).
  • Consumers are prioritizing value and safety over brand loyalty.
  • Social responsibility and clearly articulated brand values are impacting brand interactions and driving purchase interest.
  • Consumers are trying more products that make them feel healthier, better and more confident.


  1. Review brand portfolio mix – to consider developing a value entry.
  2. Develop line extensions specifically focused on health, wellness and safety/sanitary.
  3. To be culturally relevant, include social responsibility and sustainability practices – incorporated into packaging and other communications.
  4. Above all else – review and potentially evolve value proposition – even for category leaders.

Learn more about the most powerful consumers on the planet.


Download the report

Female Consumer in the time of COVID.pdf