Some common misconceptions about sustainable packaging are that it must be a dull, craft paper package that conveys anything but a premium product inside. And that sustainable packaging solutions are only the domain of “eco brands.” Wrong! We want to dispel these myths by offering resources to help inspire and enable you to print appealing, premium packaging—while saving the planet.

Transitioning to Sustainable Premium Packaging

We encounter a frequent challenge: a brand known for sleek, beauty packaging needs to quickly pivot to recyclable packaging as consumers and the trade demand it. How can they produce fully recyclable packaging from sustainable materials that still deliver the expected premium experience?

The answer: resources. Minimizing the environmental impact of your packaging goes beyond switching to cardboard. To help optimize your sustainable package development, we optimize our supply chain. We work with suppliers who are committed to developing packaging production materials that support sustainability and a premium brand look in these areas:

    1. Packaging substrates
    2. Eco-friendly inks and varnishes
    3. Package decorations like eco-friendly foil

For your customers to remain or become loyal, they must like you. And like any long-term relationship, it helps if you have shared values. Research shows more than two-thirds of consumers consider sustainability when purchasing a product. Your brand’s package is the tangible representation of your commitment to sustainability.

Innovative Sustainable Packaging Resources and Materials

While most trends fade, sustainability is here to stay. Luckily, the environmentalist who leads domo domo has always valued protecting our planet. With decades of

experience, we have the skill needed to keep up with the ever-evolving desires of today’s consumers.

When we discuss a transition to more sustainable packaging with a brand entrusted to us, we ensure that high-quality materials are top-of-mind. For example:

Sustainable paper: The Invercote family of paper products by Iggesund are suitable for multiple end use applications and premium printing techniques.

Sustainable package board: Incada stock by Iggesund enables a premium look, glossy spot black UV varnish and matte aqueous coating for contrast.a carton of Secret aluminum free deodorant made with beautiful, striking blue sustainable inks and papers featuring a botanical pattern.

We also love a recent example from household brand name Secret.

The new product appeals to a health-conscious audience, as an aluminum free deodorant. With this audience in mind, Secret rolled out sustainable tube carton with beautiful decorations that connote a premium look and feel—all while being made of sustainable substrates and remaining fully recyclable.

This Secret packaging presents a very premium image using vegetable-based inks, cured UV coatings and metal flake-free Kurz foil.

Make the Change to Sustainable Premium Packaging

Our work has introduced us to a wonderful range of techniques that brands can adopt to restage or launch their products with a more sustainable (yet premium) presence. We’re sharing more great info on how to become a leader in sustainable premium packaging, and we hope it’s valuable to you.

As a Cincinnati design agency, domo domo marketing is using design to help CPG companies change the world—one package at a time. We’d love to work with you.