What is Rebranding vs. a Packaging Refresh?

This is the first post in our Rebranding blog series.

We’ve heard the challenge many times– an established brand with hard earned equity is starting to slip.

That brand usually has a great story to tell and a loyal consumer base that has developed over time. But times change, consumers’ tastes change. New kids move onto the block with their new, shiny appeal. The shelf becomes a much more crowded, confusing, and competitive place.

That’s where a brand refresh can be an effective, and fast, tool to get your brand back on the road to relevance.

Two bottles of laundry detergent are displayed against a plain white background to display the refreshed branding and design of the Fab brand.

Rebrand: Refreshing an iconic brand to appeal to a scent driven millennial audience

What is a brand refresh?

Rebranding or a brand refresh is a specialized design discipline honed over years – requiring creative and strategic teams to work closely through a subtle and nuanced process that walks the fine line of attracting new consumers while not alienating current ones.

Different from a packaging refresh – where packaging graphics are updated – a rebrand typically involves a more comprehensive evolution of the brand promise, master brand visual identity, logo mark, claims and updated visual identity and hierarchy – including packaging graphics and structure. A key part of this process is the archeological dig to sift through existing brand equities, identify those to clean-up and carry forward into a new contemporized design.

Colorful linens are hanging to dry on a sunny day with a headline that reads: “Scents and sensibility: No longer your grandmother’s “go to” laundry soap, iconic laundry brand Fab wanted to appeal to a new target audience—smart and savvy millennial shoppers seeking style, fragrance and value.

Incorporating sustainable packaging into your rebrand.

A brand refresh presents an opportune moment to address the growing consumer demand for sustainable packaging. Rethinking your current packaging to remove 100% of plastic will help keep pace with your consumer’s expectations around sustainability as they make purchase decisions.

The journey to plastic-free packaging can feel overwhelming, but we’re here to help. You can start by exploring our Sustainable Packaging Resource Guide.

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