Anatomy of a packaging refresh

This is the fourth post in our Rebranding blog series.

An older brand is losing loyal customers, the category has gotten more crowded and competitive – and you’re hearing whispers that delisting is imminent. What to do?

Recapture relevancy with a brand and packaging refresh.

It’s time to remind consumers where you came from and remain committed to delivering on your promise. Reconnect with the trade and your customers to listen, gather insights, and then revive and reinvigorate your brand with data driven decisions.

A Packaging Refresh in Action

Take Playtex Gloves, a trusted 65-year-old flagship brand, needing to recapture leadership and stand out in a cluttered category. The challenge: how to evolve rubber gloves from functional to fashionable? Start with a driving consumer insight to ground the design process – female shoppers have genuine appreciation for style and aesthetics.

A young brunette woman sits against a beige couch holding a bucket of cleaning supplies and wearing bright yellow Playtex gloves.

Studies reveal that female consumers have a genuine appreciation for style and aesthetics in all the products they buy. To leverage this insight for Playtex Gloves, we injected fashion into a utilitarian category for a more contemporary and appealing package experience.

Then we conducted a forensic analysis of brand equities by breaking down current packaging into individual, “anatomical” elements that you can choose to evolve or toss.

We call that the anatomy of a refresh – looking at each brand element individually and within context of the entire package. For example: visual identity, master brand mark, equity color(s), imagery, iconography, segmentation, and navigation.

Two versions of product packaging for Playtex Gloves are shown to display how domo domo marketing put the brand back on the road to relevancy, helping Playtex to evolve from utilitarian to fashionable with a packaging refresh.

Bringing a Rebranding Project Together

By combining function and fashion, simplifying communication, and providing clearer segmentation and navigation, the new portfolio became more impactful and unique – and most importantly, re-energized consumers and the trade.

The portfolio of Playtex Gloves product packaging is shown, displaying how domo domo marketing elevated the brand with evolved fonts, modern iconography, and a fresh color palette.

A brand refresh is a specialized design discipline, honed over years of experience and an approach grounded in the science of marketing and the art of creative design. In the right hands, this process is an effective, and fast strategy to evolve your brand and stay relevant.

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