It’s not rocket science. But close.

This is the eighth and final post in our Rebranding blog series.

A brand and packaging refresh is a subtle and nuanced design discipline honed over years of experience. Go too far and you alienate current consumers, don’t go far enough and you risk losing relevancy and getting de-listed.

As brand and packaging refresh experts, we know that there are common challenges that we have heard time and again throughout our years of experience. These include brands that are losing relevancy, looking a bit dated, facing stiff competition, have private label brands nipping at volume, and the ever- pressing need to address the growing consumer and trade demand for sustainable packaging.

A packaging refresh is required to stay relevant.

Companies that remain stagnant while their competitors reinvent themselves with fresh looks and relevant ways to communicate can expect to lose their competitive edge in no time.

But there is a right way, and a wrong way to do a packaging refresh. In our 8-part series on rebranding we have shared our process down to the nuts and bolts of how to do a refresh, with the goal of helping attract new consumers without alienating current ones.

From conducting the archeological dig, to grounding the process, to embarking on the evolution vs. revolution creative exploratory – a packaging refresh is an effective way to breathe new life and energy into your brand without a significant capital investment. It is an art, and a science, that requires skilled hands at the controls. Do a packaging refresh the wrong way and you can kill a brand. It’s that risky.

Risky business. A brand who refuses to change – fails to grow.

We have all probably heard of some of the epic fails that have happened to some big brands, that spent a lot of a ton of time, money and energy – only to negatively impact their business. What can you do to avoid the potential pitfalls and optimize your outcomes? It’s not as scary and messy as you think if you’re working with a creative team that is equipped, and experienced, in the subtleties.

A before and after image shows the brand evolution of Tropicana orange juice packaging, exemplifying a modern and colorful package design and a logo redesign, against a plain grey backdrop.


While this is an older example – it is still very relevant to our discussion. In 2009, beverage company Tropicana decided to try rebranding all elements of their well-known product and packaging at once.

The Tropicana rebrand included:

  • Simpler packaging
  • A logo redesign with a new color pallet
  • New marketing campaigns

The result: The rebranding turned into a debacle for Tropicana. This led to disastrous consequences for both the farmers and the company. It’s a reminder to us all – work a proven process with an experienced creative agency.

Follow a proven process with a disciplined approach to limit risk.

Avoid potential pitfalls and use a deliberate and methodical approach to a successful packaging refresh.

Brand Refresh Checklist

Three bags of g2 brand coffee beans are shown, displaying their eye-catching packaging that is also environmentally friendly.

A brand and packaging refresh is a specialized design discipline, honed over years of experience coupled with an approach grounded in the science of marketing, the art of creative design, and deep knowledge of the process. In the right hands, this process is an effective strategy to contemporize your brand, keep current and attract new customers while addressing the pressing need for sustainable packaging.

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